Officers rescue pup stuck in waist-deep mud at Washington D.C. park

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Oh what a day for an elderly shaggy dog who became stuck in waist-deep mud near the Kingman Island bike trail in near downtown D.C. Humane Rescue Alliance animal control officers arrived at the scene and found the dog barking in a secluded area at the riverbank.

Officers Jesien and Swetnam were able to pull the dog named Cutie Pie out of the mud with a catchpole. Even the officers got stuck a few times as they waded out to get closer.

The dog showed concerning signs of exhaustion and likely had inhaled some of the mud that covered her mouth and nose as she repeatedly tried to escape from her muddy predicament. She was rushed to the Humane Rescue Alliance’s veterinary team where the staff cleaned her up and attended to her medical needs.

“We are happy to report that Cutie Pie is looking and feeling much better thanks to the incredible effort of our field service, medical, and animal care teams! HRA is proud to partner with the Friends of Kingman and Heritage Island, Department of Energy & Environment, and the Living Classrooms of the National Capital Region on the recent launch of the Bark Rangers program encouraging people to take the Paw Pledge to keep their dogs on leash at Kingman and Heritage Islands. Not only does this protect people and animals, including wildlife, but it also helps protect important areas of conservation.”

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The rescue organization has been in contact with the dog’s owner, and after the investigation concludes, the owners are expected to reclaim their pet.

Cutie Pie’s scary brush with a disastrous outcome could have easily been avoided by keeping her leashed especially in public parks that are not specifically designated as dog parks. Not only does leashing protect the dogs, it also protects wild life.

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