Officer resigns after dragging dog behind truck, causing injuries that proved to be fatal

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Spencer Allen, who worked for seven years as a police officer for the Mesa Police Department in Arizona, resigned after being accused of dragging his dog behind a vehicle, causing fatal injuries. As reported by Fox 10 News, the April 9 incident was witnessed by Eric Read, who describes what he saw:

“What sticks out in my mind is the chain wrapped around the dog’s neck and the dog was trying to stop, sitting down with the paws right in front of him,”

Read attempted to alert Allen to the fact that a dog was being dragged behind his truck, but Allen didn’t stop. Read said:

Once he hit Baseline, taking off the way that he did, zero to 50 in about three seconds,”

A half mile away, another driver managed to get Allen to stop his truck. According to information from a police report, Allen picked the injured dog up by the scruff of his neck and threw him into the back seat of the vehicle. He then drove to a veterinary hospital in Apache Junction, where he told staff that he found the injured dog on the road. Allen portrayed himself as a good Samaritan, but an investigation revealed the truth…that he was the dog’s owner.

The dog suffered widespread injuries, and though veterinary staff tried to save him, he had to be euthanized several days later.

Allen was interviewed by the Apache Junction Police and although he initially denied that the dog was his, he eventually admitted that the dog was named Cosmo and he had owned him for seven years. He explained that the dog had jumped out of his truck bed, and he “panicked.” He expressed remorse for what happened, and admitted that he should have just paid for his dog to be euthanized at the veterinary hospital.

Allen resigned shortly after a professional standards review was instigated by the Mesa Police Department. The Apache Junction Police charged him with animal cruelty, falsifying information to police and forgery.

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3 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    What a POS, he deserves to be dragged behind his truck himself! This officer is a poor example of what we need as a police officer, no compassion what so ever for a pet he had for 7 years!

  2. Rhonda Preston says:

    Hang this s.o.b.! Somebody needs to wrap a chain around his neck and drag him around. He needs to go to prison. If he has such little respect for animals I can just imagine what he felt his badge would entitled him to do to a person! Throw him away!!


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