News cameraman risked his own life during St. Louis major flooding saving a puppy’s life

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In one of the most heartwarming videos of animal rescue, a cameraman risked his own life saving a drowning puppy from floodwaters during the 1993 St. Louis major flooding disaster.

Don Smith had been working as a cameraman, and the assignment was to video the disaster. There had been a fresh break in the levy and cars, boats and small sheds floated by. One of the men in the crew pointed out a puppy in the water desperately fighting the current and trying to save his own life struggling to climb up on something to get out of the water.

He was able to get up on a small area, but it was only temporary as the waters continued rising and the puppy was being submerged again. He tried to climb into a box, but was unsuccessful and once again, he was being carried off by the swiftly moving current – looking very tired and exhausted.

Smith locked down his camera equipment and slowly moved through the water, treading very carefully despite the dangers he could encounter not knowing where he was heading. When a tree limb rolled by him, Smith turned around and went back to the safety of the roadway and dry land.

By now, everyone involved in the filming, as well as the helicopter pilots, were determined to help this innocent puppy, and they noticed as they called for the puppy “to come”, he became energized. Again, he was able to climb onto a small board, but he continued to be swept down the stream that had once been a road.

For a few moments, the puppy seemed to have floated away out of sight, but moments later the crew was able to catch sight of him still desperately clinging to anything he could find to keep him afloat. That is when Smith, who knew the area had once been a road, decided again to try and save the puppy.

Somehow the tired little pooch became engaged as his last bits of energy soared and paddled toward Don. Smith kept calling to him as he waded carefully out in the dangerous current, and then reached out and scooped the puppy up into his arms and safely carried him to safety.

Smith’s helicopter pilot adopted the puppy – Smith even received a Christmas card from the pup appropriately named Rescue.

To feel the love of this beautiful story – sit down, take out a Kleenex and watch Don’s video:

“This video has been viewed nearly 80-MILLION times! While I shot this experience in 1993, the raw tape was stored and forgotten until about 2017 when I came across the field tape and realized I could tell a story here that people would want to see. See my main work at DonSmith.TV. #mrdonsmith #kk5don #goldwing.”

(Note: This rescue took place in 1993 and Rascal is no longer with us, but this dog had a great life.)

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