Never give up: Dog stolen during home robbery with health problems turned into nearby shelter

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Five weeks ago, near Columbus, Ohio, a dog was stolen from her home during a home robbery. The owner of the dog chased the vehicle, but the police were too late and were not able to apprehend the car or the thieves.

The dog, named Tessa has a heart condition and was also born with a cleft palate; she needed special heart medication and was not able to drink from a water bowl. It was feared the person who stole the dog would not know the special care needed, and Tessa would die.

Rewards had been offered – increasing the amount of money hoping and hoping someone would return the dog. Her story was posted extensively on social media with hopes someone would have spotted the dog.

Tessa had been spayed, and for anyone thinking the dog would become a good breeding animal, that idea was fruitless, therefore hopefully an encouragement she would hold no value for someone other than being a loveable pet and companion.

And then it happened!

“Yesterday someone turned her into Franklin County Pound and she was quickly returned to her family! She has already been to the vet and is in great shape!

Thank God whoever had her took care of her for the last 5 weeks. Thank God she survived. Maybe they saw the Facebook posts about how to care for her. Maybe they realized she was spayed and of no monetary value to them. Maybe they were good people who inadvertently got involved in a bad situation.”

Mahoning County Dog Warden

Tessa’s family wants to give hope to other pet parents who have lost their pets – don’t give up! This pup’s return was surely a miracle.

Here’s hoping for a lot more miracles.

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