Neglected pup – all he ever wanted was to be loved

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A neglected pup in Georgia only wanted one thing in his life…to be loved. The puppy, dubbed Griffin, has clearly led a life lacking in care. Royal Animal Refuge writes:

I never thought I would be sharing my story. I am only a puppy, but I sure have been through a lot. My skin feels so hot and it bleeds every single time I move. The pain and suffering I have endured is unimaginable, but I am so thankful to be here today. All I ever wanted was to be loved.

According to the animal welfare agency, Griffin’s fate was changed when a kind woman took notice of his plight and stepped in to help. It took patience and dedication to win over the stray puppy’s trust, but eventually she was met with success. The rescue explains how the woman finally succeeded in capturing the ailing pup:

As the days would go on, I kept seeing her and it was odd to me that she kept coming back – no one ever does. She was finally able to catch me. I was so terrified, but in a way I was so relieved that someone cared enough to get me out of the side of the road. I was transferred to the vet, and that is where I am currently at getting the care I need.

Helping Griffin

The rescue agency is hopeful that Griffin can recover from his sad state of health in a foster home. Somewhere that he can learn to love and be loved. The organization explains:

Griffin needs you NOW! If you are able to foster, now is the time. To foster please visit If you would like to donate towards his medical fund, please do so below. If you are unable to donate, please share or comment, even if it is an emoji. It will create more reach for Griffin. We genuinely appreciate anything you can do!

Find Royal Animal Refuge on Facebook here.

About the rescue

Royal Animal Refuge is a 501c3 nonprofit facility for the homeless, neglected, and mistreated animals.
341 Senoia Rd. Peachtree City, GA 30269

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