Neglected dog’s fur stained yellow after being left to sit in urine and feces

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A dog is recovering from extreme neglect in Hobart, Indiana. The pup, named Blizzard, was adopted from the Humane Society of Hobart Inc., but life at his new home was not what it should have been.

On Tuesday, the animal welfare agency wrote:

This dog was adopted from us and starved left in his own fecal and urine day in and day out. He is completely emaciated with open pressure sores on his backside. 

According to the shelter, Blizzard has been repeatedly washed, but his fur remains stained from being forced to sit in his own urine. The shelter writes:

He’s grumbly, sore, and hurts. He’s weak and ravenous. We have scrubbed and scrubbed him but he’s still stained yellow. Sometimes no matter how many questions you ask or how much you vet a person you just never know!

The shelter continued:

Blizzard needs a second chance. He’s only 4 and is good with other chill dogs. Blizzard needs to know what it’s like to be loved. He needs to know nothing but comfort like this every day going forward.

You can follow Blizzard’s progress at this link to the Humane Society of Hobart’s Facebook page.

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