Neglected dog recuperating after being ‘peeled’ from couch

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A badly neglected dog has a new lease on life after being rescued from a troubling home situation in North Carolina. According to Mitchell County Animal Rescue, Inc., earlier this week they were asked to assist a local animal cruelty investigator with a welfare check for several animals at a residence.

The animal rescue group writes about what they found:

Upon arrival, staff members Tamara and Heather met Xena and knew they had to get her help. Xena was unable to get up on her own and Tamara and Heather had to gently peel her off of the couch she was stuck to.

Xena’s rescuers believe that she is suffering from a terrible case of mange. But now she is out of the bad situation and receiving the veterinary care, and love, that she deserves. The rescue group writes:

After a warm medicated bath and a nail trim, she was ready for bed. Every staff member cradled her face, looked into her eyes and whispered words of encouragement. We told her that she is beautiful and loved and safe.

Xena is finally receiving proper care because someone took the time to report a bad situation to local animal control/rescue officials. Please speak up if you see an animal suffering – you may save a life, and at the very least, you can prevent further suffering.

Follow Xena’s recovery at this link to the rescue group’s Facebook page.

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