Nearly $10,000 donations poured in for dog set on fire in ‘horrendous act of evil’

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Less than one week ago, a fundraiser for a Labradoodle dubbed Will, has raised nearly $10,000 in donations. Animal advocates from all around the world have come to the aid of a cream and tan dog discovered “engulfed in flames” on a Decature, Georgia street.

Bystanders spotted the dog running down the street on fire and rushed to his aid.

“Who in the world SETS A DOG ON FIRE?,” wrote Dog Days Rescue, the animal rescue organization who is caring for Will and has posted photos and descriptions of what this sweet dog has endured. Will remains in the hospital and is on pain medications, antibiotics and other intravenous medications. He has also been covered in silver cream for his burns.

On the Dog Days Rescue Facebook page, an update described his first debridement, which is the removal of necrotic skin and the cleansing underneath to avoid infections. The procedure is painful, but his veterinarians are providing as much pain relief as possible.

12-14-21 Will update: Will is feeling a little better today after his partial debridement yesterday. As seems to be his normal he was tail wags and kisses again! He continues to receive as much love and attention as he can handle. Right now, we’re just praying that he doesn’t have any complications and continues to move forward.

Dog Days Rescue Facebook

Once Will is strong enough, he will be going to a foster home where he will be receiving specialized care. At this time, Will still does have an uphill battle. It’s hard to imagine this boy holds no ill will to humans, and seems grateful for the help, love and attention he is receiving.

The person(s) who committed this horrendous act of animal cruelty on December 5, 2021 has not been caught, and the police in the area are asking for the public’s help for information leading to an arrest and conviction.

The rescue organization is asking that anyone who wants to donate, please use this link ONLY.

More updates to follow.

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