Nanny 130-pound Cane Corso fosters his beloved half-pound kitten

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We know how the animal kingdom never ceases to amaze us with the most unusual friendships and how their relationships have the perfect ways to make us smile, well meet Norm, a 130-pound Cane Corso who decided to become the nanny to a half-pound kitten named Sonic. The kitten had been found in a cardboard box and left for dead. Norm’s family offered to foster her until she was ready to find a home of her own.

According to Norm’s Tik Tok account, norm the househippo, a viral video of the two interacting has brought social media to viral smiles, and we all know how rare that can be nowadays, but bear with me here. The video starts with the huge doggo resting on his paws looking at the tiny kitten in pure adoration. The video carries on with Sonic pawing the big guy and circling around him as if trying to figure out how something that moves so carefully could be so huge. And meanwhile, Norm doesn’t move.

The all too adorable video has garnered more than 8.1 million views. Check it out here.

More videos show them sharing cuddles and playing together, but with Sonic doing the “playing” and Norm staying still while his eyes seem to be smiling at his teeny pal.

And as much as it would have been fun for the two to stay together, Norm’s mom says it was time for Sonic to find a family of her own. On Sunday, Norm’s human announced that the kitten had been adopted:

“With a full and heavy heart, I am proud to announce that Norm’s kitten is being adopted by my good friend. Good-bye is the goal for fostering animals. Sonic will keep in touch – it’s simply see you later.”

Norm’s mom on Tik Tok

Sonic now has a name extension and a new home. Welcome home Super Sonic Bumble Bee.

What do you want to bet that Norm will be fostering another kitten – after all he seems to flourish at the adorable challenge.

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