Mother pig hid under electric fence at farm with her babies to avoid slaughter

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In Brinsley, United Kingdom, a brave mother pig, heavily pregnant, eluded capture and slaughter by burrowing under an electric fence that surrounded her pen last month. A passerby walking her dog discovered the pig nursing her nine three-week-old piglets in a wooded area and called the Brinsley Animal Rescue for help.

According to the rescue organization, they offered to take the pigs rather than send them back to the farm where they would have been slaughtered for their meat. During that time, volunteers brought food and water for the family.

John Beresford, founder of the rescue stated the mother pig’s maternal instinct kicked in, and she knew she had to protect her babies.

“Her motherly instincts kicked in and she knew she had to get herself and her babies to safety to protect them. Pigs would naturally live for 15-20 years, but are generally slaughtered at around 6 months old, unless kept for breeding. Pigs are extremely intelligent, one of the most intelligent species on earth. They can be smarter than some primates, dolphins, dogs and even human toddlers! They are highly social and emotional beings and can pick up on the emotions of other pigs in their group and naturally would live in very complex social groups, similar to wolves or great apes.”

Emotions ran high with animal advocates when farm workers arrived and returned the sow, named Matilda and her babies to the farm for slaughter; a petition was circulated and received thousands of signatures pleading for the rescue of the family in one day. The farm quietly acquiesced, and the pigs were rescued.

“We cannot tell you how emotional we all feel but we have just picked up Matilda and all her babies. Thank you so, so much everybody for helping us to do this today and all the reporters that have taken this story around the world. We also thank the farm for allowing us to rescue this courageous girl and her beautiful babies. We will update you and I think Matilda herself wants to say a big, big thank you too.”

And now, as we peek onto the farm where Matilda and her eight surviving babies have been growing and enjoying life as meant to be.

Check out their video:

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    The same people that allowed this VAST EXPANSE of TORTUROUS treatment on ALL FACTORY FARMED ANIMALS, are now HORRIFIED by how egregiously SADISTIC these farm owners ACTUALLY ARE, and that unfortunately includes ME. BUT, if WE ALL fight to take BACK OUR POWER over HOW OUR food resources are managed, we CAN ALL come out winners. Let’s do this for OUR future generations folks. WE HAVE MORE POWER THAN WE’RE CURRENTLY USING, TIME TO STEP IT UP BY FORCING LEGAL COMPLAINTS REPEATEDLY, PROTESTING and VOTING OUT elected officials REFUSING to engage, UNTIL SOMETHING IS DONE. Just look at what the PUBLIC did here. WE CAN DO THIS!


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