cubs orphaned, hikers shot mother bear

Mother bear with 2 cubs that attacked man in garage found and euthanized

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In Steamboat Springs, a resident went to close his garage door and was shocked to find a mother bear and her two cubs inside of the garage. As the man slowly attempted to back out of the garage, the protective mother bear attacked.

According to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife, the incident occurred late on Sunday night. The homeowner stored birdseed and other attractants in the garage which likely lured the bear to view the treats as a convenient food source.

The bear caused serious injury to the man who suffered severe lacerations to his head and legs which required surgery. He remains in stable condition and is expected to fully recover.

Wildlife officers and park rangers searched for the bear and her cubs and found the mother in the vicinity of the home where the attack occurred. The mother bear was killed and her body sent to the Wildlife Health Lab for a necropsy. The cubs were not with their mother at the time, and rangers continued their search to trap and move the babies to a rehabilitation center.

This the first bear attack in Steamboat Springs this year. Homeowners need to realize leaving tempting food around for the bears will draw them into private homes as they lose their natural fear of people. Tragically, the bears pay for human mistakes.

Check here for information how you can prevent bears from entering your yard, harming humans and ending up losing their lives because they are only acting like wild animals.

Check out the video. Save a bear’s life.

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