Monkeys blamed in death of estimated 250 puppies – allegedly revenge killings

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Monkeys in one part of India are said to be responsible for killing an estimated 250 puppies in a case of deadly revenge. According to multiple sources, residents in Majalgaon and Lavul village claim that a pack of dogs killed an infant monkey not long ago, and since that time, monkeys have been picking up puppies and dropping them to their deaths from trees and tall buildings.

The killings have been so prolific that puppies have been completely eliminated from some areas where they were once abundant. As reported by the Daily Mail, the monkeys are apparently turning their sights on children now. Villagers have asked officials to get rid of the rampaging monkeys, but as of yet, they have been unsuccessful in their efforts to catch them.

According to Newsweek, villagers have begun trying to save the puppies, but the monkeys turn on them when they do.

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