Mom and puppies dumped outside of Texas shelter suffered heat distress

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A mother and her eleven puppies are lucky to be alive after being dumped outside of an animal shelter in Texas. On Wednesday afternoon, the Houston SPCA explained what happened to the discarded family, writing:

Eleven puppies and their mom were dumped outside of our campus today in heat distress.

According to the animal welfare agencies, one of the puppies had a temperature that had climbed to over 104 degrees. The shelter writes:

They’re now being examined and are safely cooling down indoors.

Reminding everyone that this is not the correct way to get rid of an unwanted pet.

If you can no longer care for your pets, please make arrangements for their care. Call our Rehoming Center at 713-869-SPCA to make an appointment.

This abandoned family is safely out of harm’s way and will be cared for until they can be rehomed. Thanks to the shelter staff for caring for them.

Will I still fit on your lap mom?

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    And NOTHING happens to the VILE THUG that ALLOWED this to happen to innocent sentient beings. Damn freaks in Texas are NOT HUMAN BEINGS. Nothing but a bunch of twisted NAZI PUKES that seek to DESTROY ALL that is good. To those sitting in the comfort of their SAFE homes and controlled temperatures: YOUR OWN CHILDREN ARE NEXT! WHY? Because it’s a KNOWN FACT that the CRIMINALS YOU HARBOR move on to people. Oh wait, you’re not human, so never mind, have at them then.


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