Miracles happen: Dog fell 170 feet off cliff in Red River Gorge and survived with just a few scratches

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Tyler Stinson and his favorite canine companion Tyson had been spending Sunday afternoon in the Red River Gorge in Kentucky enjoying the beautiful day going for a hike. The two normally went everywhere together.

Who could have predicted however, that Tyson spotted a lizard along the top of the Indian Staircase and chased it, but his aim was off as the dog flipped backward, tumbled and then fell off the edge of the 170 feet cliff.

Stinson immediately called 911 and began the search for his pitbull/Boxer blended dog. Other hikers joined in the search and Wolfe County Search and Rescue were called.

“…A hasty team was dispatched to the Bison Way Trail Head and made their way towards the base of the Frog’s Head cliff-line. When the team was nearing the Indian Staircase cutoff, they encountered a group of hikers who had seen an unleashed dog roaming in the area, and the hikers shared a picture they had taken of the K9. When the hasty team made contact with the dog owner and showed them the photo, to our absolute amazement, this was their fur baby, Tyson (a Pitbull mix). The team then split to try and help the owners locate Tyson. He was quickly found for a joyful reunion. How Tyson survived 170′ fall is nothing short of miraculous, and he was basically unhurt. This has certainly been a week of miracles in the Red River Gorge.”

The team had actually expected the worst and thought the mission would have ended as one of recovery, but somehow Tyson must have sported his angel wings in his lifetime since he only had a few minor scratches; the pooch wasn’t even limping! It had been other hikers in the areas who had seen the dog without the leash and reported it to the rescue team.

And when Stinson saw Tyson, the “holy crap, he’s alive” swirled in his brain, and moments later the two were entwined in each other’s arms and paws.

Stinson will definitely remember to leash his dog whenever they go on a hike from now on. He also is grateful to all the volunteers who helped look for Tyson and especially the Wolfe County Search & Rescue Team for coming out to help.

The Wolfe County Search & Rescue Team is Kentucky’s premier volunteer technical rescue team, operating in the Red River Gorge. Support the team through a donation at http://www.wcsart.com/donate

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