Miracle indeed: Two dogs found alive and well in burned out area of Cache Fire in Lake County

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Animal control officers from North Bay Animal Services went to the burned out areas of the Cache Fire in Lake County on Thursday to search for animals affected by the fires. When one agent came across a dog in a burned field, she initially thought the dog had died in the fire.

As the officer approached the dog, he lifted his head and his tail began to happily wag. He was on a chain that was wrapped around a trailer hitch. Now just imagine as the officer untangled and unhooked him from the tether, he was found not to be injured at all.

And then came a second miracle; another dog was found huddled in a hole not far from the first dog. At first he was very scared, but with some affection and encouragement, he quickly came around.

Both dogs are now settling in at the Clearlake Animal Shelter where their family was found and the two dogs lived together. At the time when everyone was ordered to vacate their homes, the family had previously left to help a sick relative in the hospital. Since there had been no air-conditioning in the home, the family left the dogs in the shade with food and water in what they thought only would have been a short time.

“These stories of animals’ fortitude in the midst of such disaster warms our hearts.”

North Bay Animal Services

(Photos via North Bay Animal Services)

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