Military soldier called to duty sobbed as he relinquished his dogs to shelter

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At the East Valley Animal Shelter in Van Nuys, California, a shelter volunteer is reaching out to the community for help placing a military man’s two dogs find safe homes.

The story begins:

“As I was leaving the shelter on Sunday, standing just outside the doors was a young man [Tray] attempting to fill out the Dog Interview form, which the shelter give to those who are relinquishing their pets, in an effort to get some history.

“I mention ‘attempting’ because he was sobbing and having difficulty coming to terms with the fact he had to give up his ‘children,'” animal advocated Sherry Brewer wrote on her Facebook page.

Tray was inconsolable as he told his story, and that he had been serving in the military when he was now called for duty and received his assignment to leave the following day. He thought his wife would be able to care for the dogs while he was away, but three weeks ago, he and his wife broke up, and she would not agree to care for any of the dogs including one dog that she owned.

And so with no one to care for the bonded dogs, he had no other choice but to bring them to the shelter. The dogs named “Scar” and “Ghost” (above) are very closely bonded.

“I didn’t know how to console him, but when he told me, and a couple of other people who came to stand by, his story, I promised I would do everything I could to try to find someone to adopt/rescue both, together which is Tray’s wish. He needed to have some peace of mind. Thankfully, shelter staff made a note in the computer that the dogs are bonded and should not be separated.”

Sherry spent time with SCAR (#A1985378) and GHOST (#A1985379) and says she can attest to Tray’s description of them. Sadly, both dogs appear  confused and obviously cannot understand why they are at the shelter and why their human is not with them.
“Tray sent me a message asking how his ‘boys’ are doing? He said he would love it if he might get to visit with them if/when he is able to return and the dogs are still in the area. I want to respond to Tray that his boys are acclimating, and they’ll be going into a loving home soon. Let’s make this happen, for a Veteran serving this country.
Call (888) 452-7381, then press 4 to be connected to the East Valley shelter, to make an appointment to visit the shelter.
Please share the plights of these dogs and help them find loving homes. Share with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

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