Mazzy, 16, surrendered to animal control for ‘allergies’

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The owners of an elderly, 16-year-old cat named Mazzy, surrendered their pet to a busy animal control facility citing “allergies” as the reason. Michigan’s Wyandotte Animal Shelter shared the sad story with Facebook followers this week, writing of their dismay that Mazzy was given up to an animal control agency:

SIXTEEN YEAR OLD Mazzy was recently left with animal control. We need your help to correct this situation. Officers attempted to convince Mazzy’s owners to rehome her, rather than seeing a geriatric animal with a heart murmur, in a cage in an overcrowded pound. We choose to think they tried to find an alternative.

In the end, she was impounded due to allergies.

They added the obvious…animal control is no place for an elderly pet to be left:

After a lifetime in a home, an adjustment like this is very difficult for elderly animals. Physically and emotionally. 💔

Mazzy does have a heart murmur, but appears healthy otherwise. Animal control is simply not an appropriate place for a cat of her age.

Find the shelter website here.

Wyandotte Animal Adoption Center, 1170 Grove, Wyandotte, MI 48192

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