Maya triumphed over horrible neglect after being locked in a cage and forgotten

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A dog named Maya is the true definition of a resilient spirit. Not long ago, a cruel person locked her in a cage and forgot about her, and by the time sweet Maya was discovered, she was little more than skin and bones and barely clinging to life.

But Maya wanted to survive and with the help of the Nebraska Humane Society, she did. The animal welfare agency shared Maya’s amazing story and posted a heartbreaking image of how she looked after being freed from the cage.

And detailed her condition upon being rescued:

Every rib, hip bone and vertebrae was clearly definable under her skin. So malnourished, law enforcement thought she was dead when they found her. Then, she moved. And made eye contact.
Somehow, despite it all, her eyes were filled with hope. The officer knew it was a long shot but rushed her to the ER anyway. Her prognosis was not good, but she was alive. They had to try to save this tiny bag of bones.


Her throat muscles were so atrophied she couldn’t keep food down. The NHS medical team was worried about complications with pneumonia. She had sores where her skin had split over her joints. She was given antibiotics, IV nutrition, and a host of other medications to help her weak body fight back. It was touch and go.

But Maya has proven herself to be a fighter, with a strong will to live. Despite the odds stacked against her, she fought for her life, and with the help of veterinary and shelter staff, she made it through. The shelter shared Maya’s current status, writing:

She is in an NHS foster home, receiving so much love and healing care. She still has an uphill battle as she continues to recover but with your help, she is on the mend. Her eyes reflect gratitude, and her sweet personality delights her foster mom. She knows she has been given a second chance because of you.

You can help dogs like Maya by making a donation to the Nebraska Humane Society at this link.

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