Mangled, malnourished pup found alone in Waterford

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Days ago, a mangled and malnourished pup was found alone in Waterford, PA. The ANNA Shelter posted images of the young dog, dubbed Rocky Balboa, explaining how he was found:

Late this afternoon we received a call about a dog laying under a tree in Waterford who appeared to be in bad shape. The caller said they attempted to approach the dog but he would just get up and move away from them.

Officer Duckett was nearby and responded to the call for help. Though the dog was scared at first, he eventually allowed the officer to capture him. The pup’s injuries seem to be consistent with some type of attack…possibly from a coyote or another dog. The shelter said:

Sadly, this guy has suffered for what looks to be days at least. Whatever happened to him didn’t happen today. He is emaciated, covered in punctures and tears and full of infection.


As reported by Erie News Now, the shelter is hoping to find out what happened to this dog. If anyone has information, they are asked to call Officer Duckett at (814)-451-0230.

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Such a sweet parrot!



2 replies
  1. Diana Rowell says:

    Poor baby, someone used him as BAIT to train other dogs to fight for VILE THUGS in YOUR neighborhood! AND YOU PROTECT THEM! When standing before God on YOUR day, remember, God sees ALL and forgets NOTHING. YOUR lies will NOT work. So I suggest you get your head OUT of sand and report them, or YOUR punishment WILL be at least 100 fold worse than those running these TORTURE chambers, God’s PROMISE, not mine. Oh, and just in case you THINK going to church and asking for forgiveness will SAVE your CORRUPT butt, I STRONGLY suggest to go back and READ the ENTIRE passage. Most stop at the part where He says He’ll always forgive you, THERE ARE CONDITIONS to that forgiveness, remedial twits!

  2. tamara beinlich says:

    Oh come on, I can see a bait dog from a mile away but the cops can’t? No community wants to admit they have dog fighting crimes because they do not want to deal with it. I’ve heard rumors here where I live the cops are part of a dog fighting ring that meets under a low traffic bridge in the country at night. They come from KS, OK, AK and MO to fight dogs. The use the pit bulls that aren’t fighters then dump them when their finished using them, when the dog just lays down at the sight of the killer dog.


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