Man strangles neighbor’s kangaroo to death, claims that the animal attacked his wife

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Last week, a Sumner County, Tennessee, man strangled his neighbor’s kangaroo to death – claiming that the animal had attacked his wife. As reported by KRON4, the kangaroo’s owners were not at home when the incident happened.

As reported by the news agency, the kangaroo, named Carter, was spotted outside of its enclosure at Hope and Chris Lea’s property. The neighbors called the couple to let them know that Carter was loose, and they wanted to know if there was a way to lure him back to his enclosure. The Leas told the neighbors that they could try to use some feed to lure him in, and also let them know that they would be home in an hour.

But when the Leas returned home, they found Carter dead and their other kangaroos standing around his body. Hope told the news agency:

“I was screaming because all of the babies were standing around his dead body and I was just so upset,”

The couple is heartbroken that their kangaroo was killed on his own fenced-in property; Hope said:

“He didn’t have nowhere to go,” Hope said. “He was choked to death in his own space.”

As reported by the Daily Mail, it is unclear if the neighbor who killed Carter will face any charges. The neighbors that entered the Lea’s property have not been named; neither was badly hurt in the encounter that claimed Carter’s life.

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