Man slashed dog’s throat to get back at his ex-girlfriend

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A man has admitted to a vicious act of cruelty which left his ex-girlfriend’s dog dead. According to multiple sources, 45-year-old Wade Remington, of Gainseville, New York, pleaded guilty to charges stemming from slashing the throat of his girlfriend’s pit bull in late October 2020.

As reported by the Daily News Online, Remington sliced open the dog’s throat and left the dog in the woods to die. Earlier this month, Remington, a two-time felon, pleaded guilty to felony cruelty to animals; he could face up to two years in prison if he is convicted. According to WGRZ News, he is also facing charges for Criminal Mischief Third Degree, Tampering With Physical Evidence, and Falsely Reporting an Incident.

The police say that Remington attempted to make it look as if someone else had committed the crime; planting evidence at the scene and reporting the incident to the authorities. An investigation revealed that Remington was to blame for the dog’s killing, and that he had also used a spiked object to puncture the tires on his ex girlfriend’s vehicle.

He is scheduled for sentencing on July 30.

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