Man faces felony charge after killing neighbor’s cat, who hissed at his puppy

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A man in Rowan County, North Carolina, is facing a felony animal cruelty charge for fatally shooting his neighbor’s pet cat. As reported by Live 5 News, the shooter, identified by the authorities as 26-year-old Jonathan Alexander Humphries, claims that he was walking a puppy when the cat, named Kenny, hissed at it. Humphries said that he threw a rock at the cat, but it didn’t run away, so he went and got a gun and shot the cat twice.

Kenny belonged to Cale Alligood, who told the news agency:

“I confronted the guy, the man that shot the cat still had the rifle, I said, well, what did you do? He never answered me, he said your cat was bothering my dog.”

Kenny was wearing a collar when he was killed. Humphries removed, and hid the collar, and tried to put the cat’s body into his fire pit. His efforts were thwarted by a neighbor, who made him stop. Humphries initially tried to claim that Kenny was a stray, even though the cat was wearing a collar.

Humphries is facing a felony animal cruelty charge and has been released “on a written promise to appear in court.”

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