Man faces felony after dog left in Jaguar dies

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An Ohio man is facing a felony animal cruelty charge following the death of his dog, who was left inside of a parked vehicle. As reported by WGRZ News, the dog suffered heat exhaustion after the owner left him inside of a black Jaguar.

The deadly incident happened on Goat Island New York; the car was parked at Niagara Falls State Park on Memorial Day. Police responded to the scene after seeing several people gathered around the vehicle. The dog had been left inside of the car with all of the windows up and the sunroof cracked – it was apparent that the dog was in distress.

Though the Niagara Falls Police Animal Control were able to pull the dog from the car, it was too late – the dog died on the way to the SPCA.

The un-named man is facing charges for felony animal cruelty and leaving a companion animal inside a vehicle.

(Image via Pixabay Free Images)

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