Man brings neglected dog to shelter, tells staff ‘he don’t want this dog no more’

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A dog is safely out of harm’s way after his owner took him to a shelter, telling staff that he “don’t want this dog no more.” The parasite-ridden dog, dubbed Patches, was taken in by the Animal Rescue Fund of MS (ARF), which posted an image of the dog as he was brought to the facility, along with an explanation of the situation:

So, this dude came to the shelter with this dog in the back of his truck; said “he don’t want this dog no more”
No sh*! Sherlock! We don’t want you to have the dog “no more” either.
This fella deserves better than what he has received in his young life and we will give it to him.

Patches has demodex mange, parasites, and is malnourished; it is clear that he has been deprived of even the most basic care. The animal welfare agency has assured Facebook followers that Patches now has a full tummy and he is receiving the care that he needs and deserves.

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Will I still fit on your lap mom?

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  1. Bunny Peters says:

    It’s a really difficult situation for animal rescues.

    On the one hand, must be “safe haven for animals” (vs. alienation of someone who can and would just “dump the unwanted furbabies in any way that is convenient”)…….. on the other hand, hate to see an abusive individual turn around and get another innocent animal to neglect……

    My Dad (who was a lifelong animal rescuer) always said that the animals’ welfare had to be first priority (even if the individuals’ behaviors were totally UNacceptable)…..

    I am just glad that you have Patches and he is getting the veterinary treatment and nutrition that he has needed for a very long time!!!


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