Man accused of killing brother’s pet hit and killed on interstate after being released from jail

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On Friday, a man was hit by a truck hours after being released from jail in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. As reported by the Times Leader, 24-year-old Dionys Ramirez Moya was facing aggravated animal cruelty charges for allegedly killing his brother’s pet parrot during a domestic dispute; Moya was released from a correctional facility hours before his body was found on Interstate 81.

The authorities found Moya’s body after 11 p.m. – whoever struck him left the scene. It is believed that it was a semi-truck, with trailer, that hit and killed Moya.

According to a criminal complaint, Moya was arrested after a December 4 fight with his brother during which Dionys Moya allegedly killed his brother’s parrot while the pair argued over bills.

The authorities are asking for anyone who witnessed the deadly incident to contact state police at Hazleton at 570-459-3890.

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    One less ABUSING, LYING, VILE THUG in our country sure seems like a win to me. Praise be to God’s hand of Justice. The freaking ASS WIPES that cause ANY of God’s BELOVED creatures EXTREME pain, hunger and thirst operate like they’ll get the same treatment when THEY FACE God as they do with ALL the fucking CORRUPT judges we have…LMFAO while rolling on the floor.


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