Mac was dumped in the middle of nowhere because he was old; Now he is set to die

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In Alpharetta, Georgia, Mac Rae’s status at the local shelter is urgent; he is 13-years-old, and although he is begging for his life, he is in danger of being euthanized at the shelter. Mac Rae was dumped by his family in the middle of nowhere; he still had his tags, his microchip had been disconnected, as his owner made every effort to get rid of  their senior dog with no trail.

“If you’re not familiar with how dogs are dumped, let me tell you about it,” the non profit organization Angels Among Us Pet Rescue posted on social media. People will decide they don’t want their dog, they’ll load them up in their truck or car drive them to the middle of nowhere, get out of their vehicle, call their dog out, or drag them out. They’ll get back in their car and drive away.
What are they thinking??? Do they think someone else will take them in? Do they think about the fact that the dog has no food, no shelter, no people? Do they think after 13 years they can toss their dogs like trash?…”

Mac Rae was one of the lucky ones; he was found and then taken to a shelter. At 13-years-old, with his graying muzzle and his cloudy eyes, he had done his best to give his family all the loyalty and love he had – now he’s in danger of being euthanized. Other rescue organizations have ignored him saying he’s too old.

“So he’ll die without a rescue. How can we say no? He’s begging for us. Begging for an Angel…”

Take a moment and look at Mac Rae’s photo. Look at the way he has tilted his head. Surely he doesn’t understand why he is where he is, and why no one wants him anymore. Share his plight with friends, family and social media contacts.


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  1. I have already written to the rescue group. We have room for one more rescue dog!!!
    I am in Tacoma, WA and he looks PERFECT to me!!! If he can come to WA, he has a home with us!!!
    I would LOVE to adopt him. We have 4 dogs & 3 horses. He will fit right into our family!!!
    I need help with transportation though…..


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