Loyal shepherd left with broken heart after family moved away, abandoning him

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A German shepherd was left with a broken heart after his owners packed up and moved away without him. The four-year-old dog has since been taken in by a rescue group in Florida. That group, SHARE: Shepherd Help and Rescue Effort, explains what happened.

Welcome sweet Charlie to the SHARE. This is the face of an abandoned dog. His “family” moved and he was left behind like the garbage. Thank goodness he was found by an amazing good Samaritan and taken to a vet. His owner was tracked down who surrendered him to the rescue. 

Charlie is receiving veterinary care and being given time to decompress, but his rescuers are certain that he will be smiling and happy again soon.

According to SHARE, Charlie is available for adoption or to be fostered until his perfect family can be found.

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