Loyal dog waits for his deceased owner at coal mine that collapsed killing 7 miners

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It’s been nearly three weeks since an explosion at a coal mine in Muzquiz, Coahuila, Mexico killed seven miners after a partial collapse. Gonzalo Cruz was one of the victims, and his loyal dog named Cuchufleto visits the mine everyday – sniffing at the ruins and waiting for his beloved human to appear.

According to the Daily Mail, Cruz adopted Cuchufleto six-months ago, and every morning the two would take the half-mile trek to the mine. Sometimes the dog would accompany Cruz inside of the mine, and other days he would wait for him outside. And at the end of the day, many times the two would come home – Cuchufleto always at the man’s side.

Tragically, on June 4 the mine collapsed killing seven of the miners. That afternoon, Cuchufleto sensed his human had not arrived home, and so the dog hurried to the mine to find him. There he was met by dozens of  rescue workers who were trying to save the trapped miners.

Cuchufleto waited outside of the mine, and when rescue personnel carried Cruz’ lifeless body outside  and two days later laid to rest at the funeral, the dog didn’t return home until much later that night. Since that evening, Cuchufleto spends his days lying at the steps waiting for Cruz to come home.

Residents have seen the dog scratching at the entrance to the mine.

“One day he was crying and crying moaning,” Cruz’ widow told members of the media, “like a cry when something hurts. It is the pain that he feels for the absence of my husband who he has not seen.”

We can only hope Cuchufleto can finally cope with the death of his best friend. His family is still there for him. Sadly, he is barely eating, but continues to drink water.

(Photo – screenshot via 15 Sabinas)

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