Love hurts: Family who stuffed dog with junk food no longer liked the behavior they created and now the shelter is ready to euthanize him

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Love can hurt, and what King Ezekiel’s family did to him may very well have cost this dog his life. Since King Ezekiel was a puppy, his family fed him chicken nuggets and pound cake; today the five-year-old pup weighs in at 119 pounds. Apparently not concerned with the adverse effects human food can create both physically, behaviorally and socially, this dog was set up to fail, and that he did.

“We want our beloved pets to be part of our family. Dogs, like children, will realize that if we pet them when they nudge us, take them out when they bark and give them treats when they whine – they are often rewarded for (naughty) behavior. We think it’s cute and love seeing all the “tricks” a puppy does for a little scrap of food -until one day that little puppy is a big overbearing adult,” King Ezekiel’s advocate posted on social media.

And so, through the years, the misbehaving pooch was given human food from a plate instead of his own bowl; setting this dog up for failure in multiple ways. Eventually King Ezekiel no longer was the friendly, easygoing pooch he once was and began to exhibit aggressive behavior towards his owner and other family members by growling, baring his teeth and snapping. Soon after the incidents, the dog was surrendered to the shelter.

“In the two week before King Ezekiel was surrendered, he begun to display aggression towards his owner’s adult children, growling and snapping at them without known provocation. He previously did well with all of these people and had never shown any aggression. Owner surrendered him due to an incident she had with him. She was feeding him chicken nuggets, as she always did. She gave him one nugget, and he showed teeth. She then gave him another, and he showed teeth again. She gave him a third and he charged forward at her, barking, growling, and snapping. She pushed the plate the nuggets were on towards him and he bit that. She then threw the plate towards him for him to eat the rest of the nuggets while she ran out of the room. She let him calm down for a few minutes and then went back and gave him two biscuits and he growled at her. She left him alone after this,” the owner’s notes stated.

Since intake King Ezekiel has been shut down and is no longer able to be handled safely. He remains in the back of his kennel and has no appetite for the finest of pet food nor any human interaction.

“…He may be best tp succeed if placed in an adult only experienced foster home who can re-evaluate his behavior in a more stable environment.”

“Stories like King Ezekiel are so completely heartbreaking. This is a boy who lived and was loved by his family for 5 years, he was fed pound cake and chicken nuggets by hand. And sadly something happened and his behavior changed! And likely the family did not have the resources or know-how to figure out WHY! WHY THIS CHANGE? WHY NOW? Is it a health issue? Is it stress? WHAT HAPPENED? So now this sweet guy is alone and afraid at the shelter! AND WORSE – he is scheduled to DIE! SO please READ HIS NOTES, TRY TO HELP and give King Ezekiel the chance that HE NEEDS AT LIVE! and help him get the care he needs!

Follow this dog’s heartbreaking plight here.


(At this time, due to the global pandemic, the NYC ACC is not allowing direct adoptions in person at their Manhattan, Staten Island and Brooklyn shelters.)
NOTE: You MUST live in NY, NJ, PA, CT, RI, DE, MD, MA, NH, VT, ME or Northern VA. You will need to fill out applications with a New Hope Rescue Partner to foster or adopt a NYC ACC dog. Transport can be arranged.

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3 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    This poor precious treasure…….. he probably does not understand what he did to get kicked out of his family (who, imho, should never have another live companion animal because they have no clue how to care for them!!!)……

    I hope someone local can open their heart and home to help this poor precious treasure from his medical issues…….. He is really a victim of complete human stupidity…….

  2. Bunny Peters says:

    Returned to family per Facebook (I have to wonder WHY)……. It’s possible that there is 1 member of the family who insists on feeding unhealthy foods…….

    Years ago, we had a border line senile member of our family who kept trying to feed our rescues unhealthy foods. We banned her from the kitchen and provided her the “healthy foods” to feed our rescues.

    Hopefully, there will be much healthier food options for this precious treasure……. For the sake of the dog’s health, banning this person from feeding the dog anything of “their choice” might be necessary…….

  3. Hania says:

    Anyone who does this to an animal, should have the same thing done to them. Let them be feed continuously on non-nutritious food and see how they fair. You are absolutely right Bunny Peters, people like this should be banned from owning any kind of animal. Its appalling! I believe in what goes around, comes around, God works in mysterious ways.


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