Lawsuit filed – shelter adopted out dog even though he was wearing collar with owner’s phone number

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A woman in Chicago, Illinois, has filed a lawsuit against the city’s animal control agency, and a rescue organization, after her dog was adopted out to a new family, despite him wearing a collar that had her phone number embroidered on it. As reported by News Nation Now, the golden retriever, named Zeus, was wearing a red collar with Karly Moran-West’s phone number on it when he was picked up and taken to Chicago Animal Care and Control.

According to Moran-West, Zeus got out while her dad was watching him, and when she found out that he was missing, she put up fliers and started searching for him.

She learned that Zeus was taken to Chicago Animal Care and Control, and she knows that he was wearing his collar because the intake paperwork noted that the dog was wearing a red collar with the name “Zeus” on it.

But nobody ever called Zeus’ owner and he ended up being transferred to the Fetching Tails Foundation where he was eventually adopted out. Moran-West doesn’t know who adopted Zeus, but she hopes that whoever it is will hear her story and choose to give him back. She said:

“He was my child and if your child was adopted out to someone else, I feel like you would probably do the same thing. So I feel like you guys should have a heart and give me back my dog.”

Zeus’ original owner’s lawyer is working to find out who adopted the dog.

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