Kindness at its best: Street vendor spotted in Mexico feeding hungry, stray dogs

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Are you ready for a story all about kindness? Sit down for a few moments, lean back and read a short story guaranteed to make you smile.

Just about a month ago, in the city of Puebla, Mexico, security cameras captured a moment in time – and these moments went viral in a good way.

In the video, a street vendor can be seen walking down the street with food he had planned to sell secured to his back with a basket with straps. Behind him, however were two dogs following from a respectable and safe distance. Of course, they were hungry, and we all know how amazing their noses pick up even the faintest scents of food. It seemed the dogs had hoped the man might share some food with them.

Sometimes it just seems that the people with the least to give show the most extraordinary generosity.

Instead of ignoring the dogs, the man who has yet to be unidentified, reached back into his bag and shared what little food he had. After throwing a few pieces of food to the black dog, he threw more scraps to a second dog also waiting patiently and hoping for a few morsels.

The man’s act of pure kindness quickly went viral, gathering over five million views.

“He was caught doing something unique when he thought no one was seeing him,” the news organization Expreso wrote.

Messages poured in from all over the world.

Sometimes the smallest acts of kindness are the ones most appreciated and make the biggest difference!

(Photos via YouTube video screenshots) (Expreso)

Check out the video:

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  1. HUGE thanks for sharing such a great moment, we REALLY need more of this, so I hope and pray that with this circulating, it will inspire others to be kinder.


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