Kindest dog abandoned at the end of a homeowner’s driveway with just a blanket

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In Bedford County, Pennsylvania, an emaciated dog will have a new life, but it has nothing to do with her previous owner. On Tuesday, the Bedford County Humane Society received a call about a dog who needed help. She had been abandoned at the end of someone’s driveway with just a blanket.

According to the rescue organization, Annie, as she has now been named, weighs just 38 pounds, has pressure sores and tested positive for Lyme Disease. In addition, Annie’s front right leg had multiple fractures which have never healed correctly, and once she is healthy, veterinarians have recommended she have that leg amputated.

“She is the sweetest, kindest girl with nothing but love to give. She is very grateful of our attention and loves her food and dog beds!”

Bedford County Humane Society Facebook

Who can ever understand how a human could be so cruel? You can follow her recovery here.

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