Kabul Small Animal Rescue launches ‘Operation Hercules’ to save 130 animals and shelter workers

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The Kabul Small Animal Rescue has launched “Operation Hercules” to evacuate 130 dogs and shelter workers from Afghanistan just hours before the August 31 deadline for United States troops to withdraw from the country.

According to the rescue, a plane is reported to have been procured to transport the animals and workers. Support continues to increase as the plight of rescue efforts becomes more dire. “Operations Hercules” does need the support of the United States military to evacuate the country.

This rescue effort has followed the British former Marine Pen Farthing after he was able to return to the United Kingdom on Sunday with nearly 200 animals, who are now in the process of being examined by veterinarians and being placed in quarantine. Unfortunately, Farthing was only able to bring the animals home even though there were vacant seats which had been offered to documented evacuees wanting to flee the country. Farthing’s staff had to remain in the country, however efforts are now underway to get them out.

The latest efforts are being led by Charlotte Maxwell-Jones, an American, who continues to try and evacuate 130 animals and 40 shelter staff workers. According to rescue’s social media, Jones was instructed to leave the country by Taliban militants, but she refused to leave without the animals or the people involved in the organization.

“I’m working on getting out with my staff, and so if it is all on one plane, I go with them. But I think I want to make sure that everybody’s on the flight first.”


On Sunday, Tommy Amenta tweeted a video emphasizing the urgency for their “last shot.” The two previously planned aircraft had fallen through after the suicide bomb attack, and this third plane would be their only and last hope.

The final outcome is still unknown.

The following plea continues to be shared on social media:

URGENT UPDATE and ACTION POST for @kabul_animal_rescue .


Charlotte Maxwell-Jones, of Kabul Animal Rescue will not leave 130 souls behind and we honor, respect and must support that position. Many of these dogs belong to American citizens who fled, many are Afghan working dogs. At this point, we have run out of options and we WE NEED YOUR HELP TO SAVE HER AND THE DOGS.

What we need from you:

1. Get as loud as you can and share this post to magnify it’s message and reach as many people as possible. comment, like.

2. Tag and send messages to the following people: @potus @vp , all press you can think of, and your local rep or senator and ask they SUPPORT THE IMMEDIATE EVACUATION of Charlotte and her dogs from Kabul by any means necessary. We cannot leave them behind to die in an airplane hangar or worse. We are down to the final hours here and this is our Hail Mary. We must make our voices heard! I fear that if we don’t make this a priority many lives will be lost. WE CANNOT LEAVE THEM BEHIND. -Z

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  1. Jani Allan says:

    Please send me any details of animals that have been abandoned. I am writing on RT and talking about this.
    Please, please this is an appalling situation.

    Many blessings, many thanks
    Jani Allan


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