Kabang the hero dog who lost her snout saving kids, has died

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Kabang, the hero dog who lost her snout while saving two kids from being hit by a motorcycle in the Philippines, has died. Her owner, Dr. Anton Lim, who has cared for her since 2015 when her owner passed away, broke the news of Kabang’s passing on social media on Monday morning.

Dr. Lim’s post explains that the senior dog died in her sleep:

You’re 13 years old or 91 in human years and I knew one day this would come. No matter how I prepared myself mentally, the suddenness of how you died, left a deep void in my heart. You did not even give us the chance of nursing and taking care of you in your old age and watch you drift away. Seeing you motionless in your bed with feet soiled from running around with the other dogs was just shocking. You have always been a hero, selfless to a fault, you jumped on a speeding motorcycle to prevent your two young masters from getting hit and lost your upper snout.

Acknowledging her joy for life, and the people who came together to raise funds to help her recover from the devastating injury to her face:

Others wanted to put you out of your misery but how can we do that if you loved life so much and was just happy to be alive! From the first time we met at my clinic, we just clicked. You trusted and allowed me to do procedures on you, although grudgingly at the beginning. You were patient while we waited to find help for you and raised funds for your treatment at University of California- Davis, the best veterinary hospital in the world. The world heard your heroism through Ms. Julie Alipala and people from all over the world came to your rescue. Children donated their lunch money and Care for Kabang was born with nurse Karen Kenggot from New York leading it. In the Philippines, Team Kabang with Mona Consunji, Dr. Ed Unson, Dr. Lani Acero and myself plus many people both here and in the US came together for you. The best Veterinary Surgeons in the world came to your aid.

Explaining the emptiness that accompanies Kabang’s death:

I will miss you jumping over the gate to greet me every time i get home, staying beside me when i work in the garden or acting like a supervisor when i mow the lawn. You were just there. Tonight, I missed washing your bowl and feeding you. Thank you for the 8 wonderful lesson-filled years in loving life and loving unconditionally. I and my family already missed you Kabang even though you are gone for just a few hours. May we see each other again.

Rest in peace Kabang.

Will I still fit on your lap mom?

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  1. Jan Barnes says:


  2. Bunny Peters says:

    I am very sad to hear this news. I am glad that Kabang had a wonderful family life with people who loved and treasured her!!! Like them, I would have preferred her to live much longer!!!

    Precious little treasure Kabang, I know that you are absolutely in Heaven. Please look for MacKitty and join his wonderful snuggle buddies group and RIP amongst loving friends.


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