Just one more chance for NYC shelter dog who holds on tight with his paws

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Melo has been scheduled to be euthanized at the New York City Animal Care Center in Manhattan on Thursday afternoon. His story could break anyone’s heart and has been let down his entire life.

According to Dogs Live Matters -Saving NYC Dogs, Melo had been found roaming the streets on December 12, 2019 as a puppy and brought to the shelter. One month later, he was adopted and returned for unknown reasons even though he slept in bed and followed his owner everywhere. Again, Melo was adopted in October 2020 but returned because her owners said she became too attached to the owner’s mother and tried to keep the children away resulting in a minor bite.

Fortunately, Melo was able to go into foster care, but again was returned because the dog became too attached to the woman and wouldn’t let her boyfriend get too close.

All Melo has ever known is abandonment. Is it any wonder he so quickly became possessive of his new human? And now he’s scheduled to die this afternoon. Please share his story with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts.

A volunteer writes:

“Three years old, and already Melo (fka Mr. Goodbar) has been at the shelter 3x. He has no idea why he can’t seem to find that one committed family who will love him forever and so it was understandable that when his 3rd family dumped him at the Care Center his heart sunk, his tail tucked, and he in his eyes was such dejection and sadness that it broke everyone’s heart. It must be said that Melo is such a good, sweet boy. Any dog that can live with 5 adults and 4 kids in a small house should be Sainted in our book. Playful, friendly, affectionate and devoted to his family, he loved to follow his family around wherever they went, would be sad if they left him alone, and loved to sleep in bed with them at night. Now, alone and restricted to a small cage, he has many hours to sit and wonder…”

Check out his brief video:

Read more about Melo here.

“No children (under 13): Due to Melo’s reported fearfulness around unfamiliar people and mouthiness, we feel as though an adult only home may be most beneficial at this time.
Place with a New Hope partner” (Mr.Goodbar 83756)


Apply now to save their lives! MESSAGE Dog Lives Matter – Saving NYC Dogs or email at NYCDogsLivesMatter@gmail.com for assistance!

The general rule is to FOSTER you have to be within 4 hours of the New Hope Partner rescues you are applying with and to ADOPT you will have to be in the general NE US area; NY, NJ, CT, PA, DC, MD, DE, NH, RI, MA, VT & ME (some rescues will transport to VA)

The NYC ACC has a new page where you can see the dogs which need most urgent help:


Time is the essence for these dogs.  PLEASE NOTE: You cannot online reserve a dog with the rating New Hope Partners Only. Please PM our page Dog Lives Matter – Saving NYC Dogs for assistance, you can also email us for assistance at NYCDogsLivesMatter@gmail.com

Follow the National Pet Rescue on Facebook for the latest animal related news.

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