Just a scared little puppy no one wanted and left to wander the streets on her own

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Animal Control officers at the Nassau County Animal Shelter found Diamond, a scared little puppy no one wanted and found wandering the streets over the weekend.

Diamond is five-months-old and weighs 25 pounds; no one knows yet what her breed might be or how she relates to children, cats, other dogs or chickens. What is known however, is that Diamond is a scared puppy who needs someone patient to spend time with her and convince her that humans really can be kind and loving.

Check out Diamond’s video:

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The Nassau County Animal Shelter also wants to remind you of the older pets just waiting for someone special:

“The next time you go to the shelter to find a new pet, don’t overlook the ones that have cloudy eyes, scars, bark, growl, tremble, meow, hiss or cower in their cage. We can only imagine the life they have lived. They haven’t given up hope that one day they will live in a real home. Be patient, give them a chance, show them someone cares and they will repay you many times over…”

Here’s Gracie … (She really is waiting patiently)

You can find an online application here:
http://bit.ly/adoptNCAS To ensure prompt service, appointments are preferred.
Nassau County Animal Services, 86078 License Road, in beautiful downtown Yulee, Florida, 32034, near Target, Home Depot, and Petco. Shelter hours: Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 11 -4, Wednesday 1 – 6, Saturday 11 – 3, 904.530.6150.

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Pool time 😉


Adorable baby beaver


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Frustrated pup


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  1. Bunny Peters says:

    I am very happy that this precious treasure is rescued and in the shelter. Living on the streets is horrible for anyone (human, canine or feline)!!!
    I hope Diamond (& the other shelter residents) all find loving furever families who will treasure them and treat them as beloved family members.


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