Jogger found missing dog ‘Chevy’ 23 miles from his home with a bullet in his head

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Near Wichita, Kansas, a missing dog named “Chevy” was discovered 23 miles away from his home on Wednesday lying in a ditch amid a cluster of large acreage homes near 95th and Hoover Roads. When the jogger approached the dog, at first she thought he was deceased, but when he lifted his head and growled at the jogger’s dog stumbling to try and get away, the woman called for help.

The Good Samaritan’s husband arrived and was finally able to make contact with the suffering dog, and when the kind man opened the passenger door of his truck, the severely injured dog crawled towards him and climbed into the vehicle just thankful to have been rescued.

“We received the call from our friends about a dog brought in found running/stumbling with a large gaping hole in his head. Located in the county SW of Wichita on Hoover road in an area with large acreage homes between 103rd and 95th weds night,” the rescue organization Beauties and Beasts, Inc., posted on their social media page.
The ER doctor was afraid the dog would not survive and asked if we had seen a lost post or if someone contacted us about their missing dog. There was concern the life threatening wound was caused by a gunshot to the head.
We instantly asked if there was hope and what we could do to try and save his life.
The X-ray results were horrifying, Someone intentionally shot him at close range with a shotgun.”

The man noticed the large wound behind the dog’s head looked like a gunshot injury and rushed the dog to an emergency veterinarian where Beauties and Beasts, Inc. offered to help.

“How he survived the shot to the head is a miracle, sadly he is struggling. ..He has been in intensive care receiving IV fluids, antibiotics, pain medications, multiple bandage changes and laser therapy and his condition continues to be extremely guarded.

The medical expenses are close to $5,000 and we have raised just over half of the amount needed. A little goes a long ways and If everyone could give just one dollar or two….please, we can’t do what we do without you.”

The Sedgwick County Animal Control and the Wichita Animal Cruelty officer are investigating the case. If you have any information about who shot Chevy and how he ended up so far from home, please call 316.660.7070 or email

Updates to follow.

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