It took 600 days before the ‘most broken’ dog would accept a treat from volunteers

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At Dogs 4 Rescue located in Worsley in the United Kingdom, a dog described as the “most broken” pup the animal rescue organization had ever seen, finally took a treat from a volunteer’s hand for the first time in 600 days.

According to the rescue, Betty stepped out of her shell, and for the first time actually approached one of the handlers on her 601 day there to gently accept the treat.

Dogs 4 Rescue


 “The incredible moment Betty took a treat from volunteer Danielle’s hand. This moment has been 600 days in the making. To start with Betty hid for weeks on end, only coming out to take food when no-one was around. Then it was months of leaving her be to decompress, letting her watch us be with other dogs, agonising over dog groups and who would gently bring her on… finding ways to involve her in treat time. She’s a timid dog whose sweet, playful side really started to really flourish this summer, as did her bravery for treats. Moments like this are golden. We are so proud of you Betty. “

Betty had watched the other dogs accepting treats thousands of times, and everyone was overjoyed she finally decided there must be something really tasty there, so with lots of love, kindness and patience this shy girl is coming around.

What a brave act Betty did receiving the treat. Danielle offered the dog the treat and Betty looked around and began her approach several times before backing up and then starting her steps forward again. Then she surveys the area around her to make sure there was nothing around her that could scare or hurt her, and this time she got close enough to take the treat very gently and then hurry back to a safe distance.

Check out the video by clicking here. on their Twitter page or here.

Dogs4Rescue is a small, independent dog sanctuary in Manchester who use a “cage free” approach to animal welfare to help dogs socialize and become better equipped to handle everyday life with a loving family as well as getting along with other dogs. The rescue accepts the most desperate cases from all over the world and do not discriminate against any breed.

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