Iowa woman charged after surrendering starved puppy and dead, emaciated Labrador retriever

A woman from Ankeny, Iowa, is facing charges after she surrendered a starving German shepherd puppy and a deceased, skeletal Labrador retriever, to an animal shelter on April 24. According to the Des Moines Register, 39-year-old Amber Jane Robinson is facing two counts of animal neglect following her surrender of the dog and puppy to the Animal Rescue League of Iowa.

The deceased Labrador retriever is believed to have died after being withheld food and care for approximately three to four weeks. The dog was brought to the shelter in a feces and urine-filled kennel, and her body was covered in waste. The nine-month-old shepherd puppy was severely dehydrated, covered in waste, and malnourished as well.

The woman who brought the dogs in admitted that she had not been caring for them properly.

Late last week, the shelter provided an update about the puppy, dubbed Evander, and commended the authorities for their assistance in the case:

Evander remains in the custody of the ARL since his rescue this past weekend and he continues to gain weight each day under the close supervision of our 3 staff Veterinarians and our Miracle Medical Team.
Robison is currently in the Polk County Jail with a $3,000 bond, facing 2 charges of Animal Neglect – Death or Serious Injury.
A huge kudos to the Ankeny Police Department for taking this case seriously, their fast action to save Evander, and for their thorough investigation that led to charges within days of the rescue.

(Images via Facebook/Animal Rescue League of Iowa)

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