Investigators seek tips after tortured dog found discarded in plastic bag

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Investigators in Lawrence, Massachusetts, are seeking information about a case of animal cruelty involving a young dog who appears to have been tortured to death and discarded in a plastic bag that was left along a walking trail near a middle school. According to multiple agencies, the year old Jack Russell terrier mix had injuries consistent with a brutal beating.

MSN News reports that a necropsy on the female dog’s body revealed extensive bruising, and multiple skull fractures, as well as “acute blood loss.”

The Animal Rescue League of Boston has stated that the dog suffered “extreme cruelty and abuse.”

Information needed

Tips and information can be made to: Lawrence Police Detective Carmen Poupora at (978) 794-5900, extension 625, ARL Law Enforcement at (617) 426-9170, extension 110, or

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Such a sweet parrot!



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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    And some loser judge will deem this VILE FREAK eligible for a “re-direct program” for first offenders. Problem IS, this is NOT likely a first offense and is ONE of the MOST DANGEROUS types of thug’s to ALL of those who live around them. RECORDS and FACTS establish THIS, while judges see a WHITE male as the all star here. YOU want CHANGE? Vote OUT ALL current judges, sheriff heads, and police chiefs and START NEW with people who PROMISE change and KEEP doing THAT until you get the right people in these places of POWER that ACTUALLY work for YOU AND YOUR ENTIRE community. NOT complicated, just need some initial investment in time. Plenty of states HAVE done THIS, we are one of them.


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