Infant gorilla rejected by his mother at Bristol Zoo now has a surrogate mom

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An infant gorilla born in August, named Hasani, rejected by his mother now has a surrogate mother following a successful introduction. Hasani has been cared for by his human keepers at the Bristol Zoo since shortly after he was born when his birth mother, Kalam repeatedly refused to care for her baby.

According to the Bristol Zoo, the Western Lowland gorilla baby is now being loved by his new mother, Kera.

After a week’s break, keepers turned to 16-year-old Kera to see if she could take on the role of surrogate mum. Introductions were made slowly and began with touching through an open partition. After a few days, the 16-year-old surrogate mom seemed to get along well.

“This is a fantastic success. We have taken a young gorilla that would otherwise have died and turned him around and he is back with his fellow gorillas inside of a year. It is an amazing achievement,” the zoo specialists stated.

Hasani will remain close to his surrogate mother for the next three to four years, as he learns to become more independent. He is one of the zoo’s eight Western Lowland gorillas who are part of a breeding program to safeguard the critically endangered species.

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