Indian billionaire’s tacky tweet showing elephant dressed in jeans raises animal cruelty questions

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An Indian billionaire businessman, who often shares his thoughts and photos on Twitter, has been receiving substantial backlash after sharing a photo of an elephant made to wear jeans and a t-shirt being led along the streets of India.

According to India Today, Anand Mahindra, posted the photo with the “Ele-Pant” word rather than “elephant”. Even though Mahindra shared it as a rare sight, questions about animal cruelty soon began popping up on the remarks under the photo. Some people posted that doing that to an animal is cruel because surely it has to be uncomfortable;  others opined it was an “act amounting to enslaving them and putting them in captivity.”

People commented how elephants are both wild and sentient animals that should be with their own herds and not beaten to submission to amuse humans. Sadly, elephants are often trained using cruel methods – starvation and beating them with sticks to make them subservient. Often the baby elephants are taken from their mothers and left chained by their legs and starved while being taught to serve for tourist rides and circus acts.

The trainers or  keepers known as mahouts routinely beat, chain, stab and crush the elephants’ spirits to keep them imprisoned.

“Sir this tweet is in poor taste,” a twitter user Meet Ashar replied. “How can this be incredible India? We cannot normalize abuse of these gentle giants for entertainment. Elephants are sentient beings that belong in the wild with their kind, not to be torn apart from their families & held captive in circuses or zoos.”

There were also people however who contended India would never harm an elephant whether it be domesticated or in the forest.


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3 replies
  1. Diana Rowell says:

    To YOU DEMON spawned THUGS in India who “claim” you don’t hurt elephants: YOU ARE LYING and THERE ARE HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of VIDEOS to PROVE that you’re pure evil and ROTTEN to the CORE! PERIOD! God sees ALL and forgets NOTHING, remedial turds!

  2. Bunny Peters says:

    How do they get the elephant to stand still to dress it??? Must be very careful…….

    I have tried to put harnesses on my dogs (& they sometimes misbehave) and halters on my horses (& they don’t always want to be haltered)….
    I would never harm anyone for misbehaving……. timeouts & treats are great motivational tools……..

    I can’t believe that the elephant “likes” wearing clothing……


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