Hunters curious if buck, rescued from mass of string, can be shot

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In mid-October, Utah wildlife officials learned that a mule deer was struggling with a mass of string tangled in his antlers. It is surmised that the buck may have had a run-in with a hammock, which led to the tangled disarray on his head. On October 12, the Utah Division of Wildlife Services posted images of the buck, explaining what was known about the situation:

Last week, we received reports of a mature mule deer buck in the town of Parowan with an unidentifiable mass of string caught in its antlers. The buck was not able to see through what we suspect was a tangled hammock. Our biologists tranquilized the buck, removed the string and placed a GPS collar on the buck. The buck was released and appears to be doing great!

Fast forward to November 19 – the same wildlife agency posted an image of the impressive buck, free from the string and sporting a new GPS tracking collar:

✨ Glow up alert! ✨ Remember the mule deer that got tangled in some string a couple weeks ago? Well, look at him now with his all-new bling (GPS collar). Check out this wildlife before and after!

Some people hoped to see the buck relocated to a safe area, but there were comments indicating that people wanted to shoot the buck.

Though the wildlife agency encouraged people to NOT shoot the collared deer, they indicated that the buck could be shot, but asked that the kill be reported, and the collar returned, if that happens.

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