Houston area Staffie that attacked three-year-old ordered to be euthanized

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In Montgomery County, Texas, a Staffordshire terrier who injured a three-year-old child in a restaurant has been ordered to be euthanized according to Judge Matt Beasley’s Office.

The two day hearing is the result of an incident which occurred at a restaurant called the Loose Caboose earlier in the month when the child, Ronin Waldroup had been out with her parents when she was attacked by a three-year-old dog named Kingston. The dog had a prior biting history.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the attack left the child with severe facial injuries and trauma. The dog had been wearing a service vest, however the Montgomery County Animal Control director testified at the hearing the dog was not a service dog – it was an emotional support animal. The owner, Jennifer Romano adopted Kingston after a doctor recommended she have a dog for her anxiety. She claimed the dog had been labeled and leashed while in the restaurant when the attack occurred.

Emotional support animals do not have the right to be out in public and should not have been wearing a service vest let alone be in a restaurant the Montgomery County Animal Control explained.

After the attack, the owner of the dog ran away and was later ticketed for not quarantining her dog.

The following statement was sent out by the victim’s family:

“The family can finally breathe knowing this dog won’t be back out in restaurants wearing vests, mauling more people. We won a small part of the battel today and we’re preparing to win the war. Jennifer Romano’s blatant disregard for the law and public safety needs to be brought to light and businesses need to know how to look out for people like her.

The number of fake service dogs in the US is continuing to rise and businesses have a legal responsibility to their customers to ensure that the animals in vests are truly Service Animals…”

The family’s attorney had previously said they normally would not ask for the dog to be euthanized but said it needs to be done since the dog has had previous issues, including a June 14, 2020 attack on the dog owner’s previous roommate.

The judge rejected an argument by Romano’s attorney that Kingston could be “re-trained.”

“I believe that shows lack of responsibility as to what went on,” Beasley said. “I do believe that this would happen again…I don’t trust you’re a good handler for that dog….it’s by your own hand and your actions that led us here today.” – Justice of the Peace Precinct 3 Judge Matt Beasley.

Sadly, a young child was left scarred for life. Kingston will lose his life because his owner failed society, failed Kingston and failed to protect both the public and her dog.

(Photos via screenshots Facebook)

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