Hospice foster home needed for tiny senior dog, Tiffany

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A tiny, senior dog named Tiffany is in need of a safe and loving home to join. On Monday morning, the Partners 4 Pets organization in Troy, Illinois, posted a photo of Tiffany, explaining that a “hospice foster” home is needed.

The group writes:

Tiffany needs a hospice foster, and we need your help. Please share! ❤️🏡

Our current hospice fosters are all full, but the shelter is no place for a 10 year old little lady, so we are extending our hands out to you.


She doesn’t take up much space (or do much at all, really) but she is still so full of love, and it breaks our hearts to see her curled up in her bed, surrounded by noise and shelter stress, potential sicknesses — all of it.

According to Partners 4 Pets, this adorable Shih Tzu is good with other dogs, cats, and kids!

Any questions about hospice fostering can be directed to fosteratP4P@gmail.com. 

You can complete an application at this link.

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