Horry County firemen rescue owl hiding in tree after hit by vehicle

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Many thanks to the Horry County Fire Rescue Station 4 (Forestbrook) for helping our wildlife needing rescue. On Monday the firemen were dispatched to Loblolly Lane in Myrtle Beach.

An owl had been reported hit by a vehicle before flying into a nearby tree. According to the Horry County Fire Rescue social media page, paramedics Loyd and Saliba were able to coax the owl out of the tree. The raptor has been turned over to Carolina Wildlife Rehabilitation Center for treatment and what is hoped to be a full recovery.

In the past few days we have admitted nearly 10 Raptors. Most have been owls that were hit by cars, but the hawks have also been trickling in. This does not include the other birds of prey that have been in care. We are spending close to $1,000 a month feeding these patients. This does not even include medications or any kind of treatment they require. Please consider donating to help off-set the influx of patients we are currently treating.

Carolina Rehabilitation Center for Wildlife

Why not stop by the Facebook page of the Horry County Fire Rescue and give them all a gracious thank you?

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