Horribly neglected puppy found on porch of home has passed away

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One of two badly neglected puppies, found recently on the porch of a man’s home in New Albany, Indiana, has passed away. The heartbreaking news of the puppy’s passing was shared with followers of the Southern Indiana Animal Rescue group on April 3:

With the heaviest of broken hearts I have to share that little Tilly couldn’t fight anymore. Her little body had had enough. She’s no longer suffering and left this world knowing she was loved.
Thank you to everyone for being there for her fight. It was felt by all of us.
I have no words for the horrible person that did this to her besides, do better and be better.
Run free sweet girl, Glory will take it from here. ❤️

The initial post about the puppies was created on March 31:

Meet Tilly and Glory. Two innocent puppies found on the doorstep of someone’s apartment late last night. A good Samaritan posted on Facebook looking for help. Help for two scared, hairless, hopeless pups.

Subsequent updates on the rescue group’s page indicated that Glory was making progress, but Tilly was struggling. Four days ago, the agency said:

Good news…Glory is home, settled in her new area. She is eating good and her skin already looks a bit better with her first dip.
Bad news…Tilly is not doing well. Her red blood cell count was only 13800 and 12000 is deadly. They did a blood transfusion in the middle of the night. It was back up to 21000 when I picked up Glory. She has double pneumonia and she is severely anemic.

Rest in peace Tilly.

Find the rescue organization’s Facebook page at this link.

Follow the National Animal News Facebook page for more news, updates and petitions.

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Such a sweet parrot!



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