Horribly neglected dog safe after being found at scene of violent crime on Christmas Eve

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On Christmas Eve, a horribly neglected dog, terribly matted and covered in maggots, was found at the scene of a violent crime in Irvington, NJ. According to St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center, the dog, dubbed Lucky, lost one of his legs because the matting was so bad that it cut off circulation to the limb.

The animal welfare agency writes:

When our animal control officers arrived, they were heartbroken to see how much this little pup had suffered. He had matting so severe that our officers couldn’t tell what breed he was. He was covered in maggots and was unable to use one of his legs because the matting was so severe it blocked circulation to it. Unfortunately, his leg is so badly injured that it will need to be amputated.

But promising the neglected dog that things were only going to get better from here on out:

Lucky is now safe and being treated by our medical team. Once he has healed from his injuries, we will find him a loving home.

You can make a donation to help with Lucky’s veterinary care at this link.

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