Homeless dog looking for food and shelter repeatedly pushed out of store

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A homeless dog, looking for food and shelter, recently broke hearts after people learned that he had been repeatedly pushed out of a store in Texas. On Saturday, Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue posted a photo of the downtrodden dog, explaining the sad situation:

A homeless dog without food, shelter, or comfort. He wanders into the store where he is repeatedly pushed out.


“I was there earlier.. The employee tried Calling animal control. But no answer. He has a hurt paw. The employee said they keep taking him out. But he still gets in when They open the door. Hope there is a rescue…”

And words of condemnation:

When will TX straighten up? Does anyone believe there is actually any hope? This hurts me so much. I have never seen anything like this before and simply cannot believe it.

According to the rescue group, a volunteer was found to go and pick the German shepherd up, but they learned that animal control had been contacted to get him first. After some sleuthing, they tracked the dog down. The rescue agency writes:

I called the police who said AC has and we can call Monday morning for him. He should be safe until then!!

The dog was in Brownsville and had been going into a Dollar Store looking for help. Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue is working with animal control to take custody of the dog on Monday. There are multiple offers to adopt or foster in the comments on the Facebook page for the agency. Follow their progress at this link.

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