Hilarious viral video of bulldog enjoying woman’s freshly run bath

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A hilarious video posted on TikTok show us how a bulldog decided to have a leisurely soak in the bathtub, but that freshly run bath wasn’t for him; it was for his owner.

The footage was posted by Wootywooandhudson2, and starts the woman filming as she walks through the house. First she pans to the bulldog, Hudson sitting on the bed, and moments later the woman is shouting as she turns into the bathroom.

“Okay, I just legit heard a huge splash. That little pr*** better not in my f***ing bath,” she yells.


And there we are all greeted by the the British bulldog sitting in the bathtub. Hair ties and other products can be seen floating around the tub.

“Oh Hudson, goddammit!”


It seems Hudson has always liked water and swimming. Maybe this time he just felt like a relaxing bath? So where are the bubbles mom? Check out the TikTok video here.

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